Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Polaroid Televisions Burst Into Flames

Posted on June 13, 2011 at 5:00am by

Watching a certain brand of television could be a fire hazard according to a federal class action lawsuit filed in Minneapolis. The complaint alleges that Polaroid brand LCD televisions have a defect that causes the televisions to fail and burst into flames. Furthermore, Polaroid allegedly knew of the defect as early as 2006, but it failed to warn consumers, actively concealed the defect, failed to recall the sets and failed to amend the warranties or reimburse consumers for the cost of repair or replacement.

One of the plaintiffs purchased a 40-inch Polaroid LCD television in 2007. Within four months after purchase, the picture went black and she found out it would cost $300.00 to repair. She later discovered that other owners of the same set experienced the same issue, and their sets caught fire.

The lawsuit says the televisions have a defective design that causes excessive heat and voltage. Customers complained about the sets for years, according to the complaint. The earliest complaint dates back to June 2006.

The class action suit says Polaroid violated multiple state consumer laws and breached express and implied warranties.

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4 Responses to Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Polaroid Televisions Burst Into Flames

  1. William Willis says:

    Hi, I’m tring to get information on how to be named in a Class Action Lawsuit against Polaroid.
    Any info would be great Thank You William

  2. DEB TACKETT says:

    I too am trying to get information on how to be named in a Class Action lawsuit against Polaroid regarding my defective dangerous TV I purchased. Please let me know. Thank you.

  3. bruce mclean says:

    i need help in getting in on this lawsuits i have one of those darn tvs and its a piece of junk

  4. Chris Grover says:

    I would also like to get on the lawsuit, Mine smoked last night and the built in dvd player only played about 4 movies. Shouldn’t have to buy a new tv every 6 years or so.

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