Apple Settles Class Action Over iTunes Gift Card Overpricing

It seems that the information age has sparked a completely new level of class action litigation. There is another class action lawsuit against Apple. This time Apple agreed to a settlement over its iTunes gift cards, according to a report at

The lawsuit alleged that Apple sold its iTunes gift cards under the premise that songs purchased with the cards would cost .99 cents. In April 2009, Apple raised the price of many of its songs on its online store. However, once they raised the price, Apple did not honor the .99 cent per song price when customers tried to use the gift cards. After the price increase, Apple still marketed the gift cards with the advertisement that songs would cost only .99 cents with the gift card.

Now, under the class action settlement, users can receive a $3.25 store credit if they purchased music with one of the cards. Apple is sending e-mails to customers who may be eligible for the store credit. If you used a .99-cent gift card to purchase music on iTunes, but ended up paying $1.29 per song before May 10, 2010, you might be eligible for a refund under the settlement. Check your e-mail.

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