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Best Buy Allegedly Sold Fake Car Speakers

March 9, 2012
Colson Hicks Eidson

Did you buy “fake” car speakers from your local Best Buy retailer? A class action lawsuit against the retail giant alleges that hundreds of thousands of consumers purchased car speakers that were not what Best Buy marketed them to be. Plaintiffs filed the lawsuit in federal court in Phoenix last week.

As reported at, the lawsuit alleges that Best Buy marketed and sold car speakers under the name, Insignia. Customers thought they were getting three- and four-way speakers. A three-way speaker has three drivers to boost sound, and a four-way speaker has all three drivers plus a super tweeter for even better sound production. However, according to the class action complaint, when you remove the speaker cover you will see that one of the speakers is a fake plastic cover.

Best Buy sold the speakers for $75.00 in stores across the country. The lawsuit alleges that Best Buy should have known that their speakers had fake components. For its part, Best Buy said it could not comment on ongoing litigation.

It is unfortunate when retailers take advantage of consumers, especially consumers who regularly purchase goods from a specific retailer. There is a level of trust inherent in customer loyalty, and some retailer take advantage of that consumer trust and confidence.

Do you own a pair of Insignia speakers?

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