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Can Your Car Turn You In For A Hit And Run?

February 20, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

In Port St. Lucie, a woman was rushing back to the Christmas party at her dance studio. In the back of her van, she had presents stacked up and ready to draw smiles across the faces of students, family, and friends, but then she drove onto Prima Vista Boulevard…

The Holiday Hit And Run

The dance studio owner was rocked when a Ford Focus bounced off a truck and then hit her minivan. Airbags went off and people had to go to the hospital, but not before the driver of the Ford failed to stay on the scene. When police arrived, the Ford was long gone, and the authorities had no idea how to find the driver until a 911 call came into dispatch.

Can Your Car Turn You In For A Hit And Run?

A Ford Focus, using its automated crash-notification system, was calling 911 to report that it had been in a crash. The dispatcher immediately connected to the Ford’s driver, who denied that anything was wrong at first, but eventually the dispatcher was able to get the woman to admit to fleeing a crash. The police transported the woman to the hospital and then to jail.

What Happened To The Dance Studio Owner?

The owner of the dance studio suffered minor injuries, her Christmas party was ruined, and her minivan now has a long repair bill, but the new technology in the hit-and-run driver’s car may have helped bring the culprit to justice. New technology has the ability to stop or even help track down individuals responsible for crashes like this, and with autonomous vehicles on the horizon it might be possible to eliminate hit and runs.

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