Can Foreigners Sue For Wrongful Death?

Car accident sceneOn the corner of Southwest 88th Street and 68th Court, a small group of mourners gathered. Back in 2013, two University of Miami students from China died on this corner after being struck by a car, and now their families are pursuing a civil lawsuit against the driver, but can foreigners sue for wrongful death in the U.S.?

Was The Driver Punished?

On October 16th of 2013, a woman driving a Porsche did not see the two students as they were walking to their off-campus apartments. The resulting crash claimed the young international students’ lives, but the driver was only found guilty of careless driving. Her license was suspended and she served no jail time for the accident, so now those students’ families have filed a civil lawsuit and have come to Florida in anticipation of the trial.

“The only thing we want is fairness and justice,” says the father of one of the victims, “and we have the faith in the U.S. Court System.”

Can Foreigners Sue For Wrongful Death in the US?

These civil lawsuits are not uncommon, because our legal system protects the victims of negligence committed on American soil no matter where the victim is from. Our lawyers here at Colson Hicks Eidson have experience helping foreign families seek justice for their loved ones, including the wives of two Venezuelan men killed in a plane crash outside of Miami. So if you are from another country, but need legal help in the U.S., don’t hesitate to bring your case to a law firm like ours.

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