Can I Sue If Another Driver’s Speeding Caused My Wreck?

If another driver’s reckless actions, such as speeding, tailgating or driving while intoxicated, led to an accident that injured you or a family member, you should talk to a qualified and experienced injury attorney, because you may be able to file a civil suit against him or her.

As injury lawyer Joseph Kalbac explains in the video below, unlike a criminal suit, through a civil lawsuit, you could recover compensation, including money for hospital bills, rehab expenses and lost income.

In early November, a car that was allegedly speeding caused a four-vehicle wreck that left it stuck between a dump truck and a tractor-trailer truck. According to WPLG-TV, the accident happened in northwest Miami-Dade County on a Monday morning.

Prior to the collision, a Ford Focus was speeding down 118th Avenue, according to the driver of a Grand Caravan that was also involved in the wreck. After failing to veer out of the way of the Focus, the Caravan was reportedly rear-ended by the Ford. From there, authorities are still trying to put together how the Focus wound up lodged between an 18-wheeler and a dump truck.

Following the accident, the driver of the Ford was cited for reckless driving.

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