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Car Crashes Into A Home, Barely Misses a 4-Year-Old

January 27, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Dust, glass, and debris filled the room as a Country Walk couple entered the bedroom of their 4-year-old son. A Jeep SUV crashed into the family’s house and now all they could think about was their little boy who had just gone to bed in that room.

A Car Crashes Into A Home

It was August 31st when the screeching of an out-of-control vehicle woke the family living in a south Miami-Dade County home, and then their house shook. The husband and wife quickly jumped out of bed and ran to check on their son. When they opened the door, they were greeted by a nightmare.

“It was very smoky, dust all over the place, debris, glass,” says the father as he describes what he found in his son’s room. “Just thank God he was not harmed.”

When his parents opened the door their son was sitting in his bed, wide-eyed but unharmed. The Jeep hit the bed and slid it across the room, but the child was sleeping under blankets and was shielded from the impact. The next day, the boy returned to school with an incredible story to tell all of his classmates.

What Happened To The Driver?

The driver of the SUV was examined and treated by EMTs on the scene. She had sustained no major injuries, and so no one was taken to the hospital. Now police are investigating the crash but have not charged the driver in this case. However, the lack of criminal charges does not mean that justice can’t be served.

Distracted, negligent or drunk drivers are responsible for the damages they cause, and can be taken to civil court even if they have not been criminally charged. Check out our auto accidents page for more details, and keep following our blogTwitter, and Facebook for more information about your legal rights.

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