Is Your Car Watching You? Tesla SUV Snitches On Its Owner!

Do you remember when we told you about the Ford Focus that accidentally turned its owner in for a hit and run? In many ways it was a sign of the times and where the future of automobiles is headed. However, many people still believe what happened in that incident was just a fluke. Well, something else has happened, and the fluke may actually be turning into a trend.

Tesla SUV Snitches On Its Owner!

Car in motionA man driving a Tesla Model X SUV crashed into a building not too long ago. The man claimed that the car suddenly accelerated while it was in the “autopilot” mode, and crashed into the building despite his attempts to stop it. But Tesla is calling foul.

The owner of the Model X didn’t realize that the Tesla company data logs the driving information of its vehicles over the internet. So, the company actually had a log of everything that happened in this crash, and what actually happened doesn’t match the owner’s story.

According to the logs, the car was driving at 6 mph when the driver suddenly slammed the accelerator. The car responded and sped up. That means the crash was actually the driver’s mistake, which means he was responsible for any damages caused by the accident.

Is Your Car Watching You?

The fact of the matter is, many of today’s vehicles have systems that log what you do when you’re driving your car. This means that more people could be held responsible for their bad driving, but it also means that auto manufacturers can be held responsible for their mistakes too.

A Tesla Model S recently crashed into an 18-wheeler while in autopilot mode. The driver did not survive. Tesla’s logs confirmed that the car did not see the vehicle it hit, so does that mean the automaker is responsible for the crash?

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