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Intellectual property can be hard to protect, but our Coral Gables, Florida attorneys have experience with IP, and have made these videos to help.

What is Intellectual Property Theft?

Intellectual property theft is a very serious matter. When a person has an idea and develops it into something with a lot of value, other people may try to pass the idea off as their own. It is essential to encourage innovation and invention, which is why intellectual property laws seek to protect people who engage in this type of entrepreneurial behavior. If you have had your idea or product stolen from you, our law firm has the resources and relationships with experts to assist you. In this video, intellectual property attorney Patrick Montoya explains a case he handled regarding a doctor who created a medical device, only to have others steal the idea and sell it. Video Transcription Intellectual property theft is a serious matter. We recently represented a doctor who had created a medical device. He was working with a group of other medical doctors in his practice…
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