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What happens if I am hurt while on someone else’s property? Watch our attorneys’ premises liability videos to discover what you should do if you suffer an injury on another’s property.

Injured on Business Property?

Commercial real estate owners have a duty to prevent people from being injured on business property. In this video, attorney Joseph Kalbac explains a case where a truck driver was making a routine delivery to a business, when air conditioning units fell on him from a forklift. These types of preventable accidents should never occur. Video Transcription: We handle a lot of premises liability cases. Cases where because of the negligent way that the business is run or the premise is organized, people get injured and sometimes very seriously. We’re handling a case right now where a truck driver delivered a load of commercial air conditioning units. And while he was waiting to fill out the paperwork and receive the paper work, the forklift that had the air conditioning units loaded onto it, drove by him and all of the units literally fell on him. The whole thing was caught…
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What is Negligent Security in a Premises Liability Case?

Property owners have a duty to keep their guests and tenants safe from harm. Depending on the situation, this can include working door locks, cameras, lighting and/or security guards. When a guest or tenant is a victim of crime because the owner did not take sufficient means to protect them, that’s negligent security in a premises liability case. Watch this video as attorney Mike Eidson explains more. Video Transcription: I was the lawyer that handled the first important security negligence case in Florida. It was called DiVincenzo vs. The Green Company. In that case, our client was in his office, and at 6 o’clock, he went down the hall, in the bathroom, and got almost beat to death. It took him months to get out of the hospital. So we sued the landlord in that case. We sued the landlord, for not providing any security in what was, in effect,…
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Are Golf Course Accidents Serious?

Florida Personal Injury Attorney Lewis “Mike” Eidson Explains Why Golf Course Accidents are Serious It’s a common misconception that nothing bad can happen on a golf course. The truth is, golf course injuries are almost always serious. In this video, premises liability attorney Lewis “Mike” Eidson explains why golf course accidents happen and how victims are affected. At Colson Hicks Eidson, we work with the best golf course designers in the country to show our clients were harmed by negligence. Video Transcription I’d like to talk to you about cases that happen on golf courses. And you probably think well there’s nothing that can happen on a golf course that could give rise to a lawsuit, but there is, there are things that can happen and we’ve handled those cases. We had a case one time that involved a golf course design. We had a tee, it was actually lined…
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What If I Slip and Fall or am Hurt in a Convenience Store?

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Premises Liability Cases Can convenience stores be held liable if someone trips and falls, injuring themselves on the property? Like all businesses that serve the public, depending on the circumstances of the slip and fall injury, it may be possible to seek legal action against the convenience store that caused an injury due to negligence. In this video, Miami premises liability attorney Joe Kalbac explains the requirements that convenience stores in Florida must follow in order to protect themselves against liability in slip and fall accidents. Our law office in Miami serves victims of slip and fall injuries nationwide. Video Transcription The convenience stores in Florida have a statutory duty. They have certain duties under the law. But they also have common law duties. The statutory duties are things like signage, lighting, posting warnings, things of that nature. If they violate those then they are…
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