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Is It Safe to Walk Along the Florida Turnpike?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that higher vehicle speeds increased the chances of pedestrians being hit by automobiles. In addition, according to the CDC, higher speeds raised the likelihood of pedestrians suffering a severe injury if they are struck by a car or truck. Vehicle speed aside, pedestrians are obviously at a decided disadvantage when involved…
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Malfunctioning Swimming Pool Pump Electrocutes Three Children in Hialeah

According to the NY Daily News, three children in Hialeah, Florida were electrocuted in a community pool last month, leaving them motionless as they were trapped underwater. Officials are blaming the accident on the pool’s faulty pool pump. Inspectors say the pool pumps were not properly grounded, so when it malfunctioned, it electrified the water. Surveillance video shows a young…
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