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Injuries to children can affect them for their entire lives. Ask a lawyer about what rights your child may have to personal injury compensation.

14-Year-Old Florida Girl Severely Burned After Gas Can Explodes

A 14-year-old girl is reportedly fighting for her life after she was severely burned during a New Year’s Eve bonfire in Fort Pierce, Florida. The girl was roasting marshmallows when a nearby gas can exploded and engulfed her in flames. Friends were able to put the fire out, but they were also burned. After being airlifted to Kendall Medical Center, the girl underwent multiple life-saving surgeries. However, she suffered burns to over 95 percent of her body and still has a long fight ahead. A family friend told press outlets that the girl suffered burns everywhere except the bottom of her feet. There are cases where defective gas cans have killed or injured consumers after exploding. Blitz, a gas can manufacturer that has since gone out of business, had been hit with dozens of lawsuits since 1994 over gas can explosions. Victims and their surviving family members also filed lawsuits…
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Why Are Unsecured Soccer Goal Posts a Danger to Children?

Statistics collected by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) show that tip-over accidents involving unsecured soccer goals injure more than 200 children in the U.S. each year. In some cases, these accidents may also cause fatalities. Soccer goal posts are top-heavy objects that can weigh several hundred pounds. When these goals are not anchored to the ground, they can easily tip over and injure goalies or other bystanders. Unsecured soccer goals can even be toppled by a strong gust of wind. For example, a 2-year-old in Nashville, Tennessee was recently killed by a soccer goal that was toppled by wind. Gusts of wind are only one of several reasons why these accidents can happen. Are There Ways to Prevent Soccer Goal Accidents? According to the CPSC, soccer goals should remain anchored at all times, even when they are not being used during a game or practice. Soccer goals can be…
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Just How Dangerous Are Concussions to Student Athletes?

If you are a fan of the NFL, then you have probably noticed a change in the game recently. New rules have been rolling out and all these rules seem to have one goal, to lessen the severity of impacts. But why is the NFL trying to make hard hitting tackles less severe? The answer may lie in new discoveries about concussions, and those discoveries could affect your student athlete too. How Dangerous Are Concussions? More and more studies are finding athletes with CTE—chronic traumatic encephalopathy. This condition is marked by the buildup of proteins that eventually cause cell death in brain tissue. It has been blamed for depression, suicidal behavior, as well as violent behavior in athletes, and medical professionals agree that it’s caused by multiple concussions and other sports-related head injuries. This has led to several lawsuits against the NFL since players suffered injuries that may have led…
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Assaulted Child Raises Online Safety Concerns in Coral Gables

Our Coral Gables community was rocked recently when a local teenage girl was lured into the home of a 32-year-old man. The man was caught dropping the teen off, and later arrested and charged with victimizing a minor. Police are currently investigating what happened, but they are also taking steps to raise online safety concerns in Coral Gables so this doesn’t happen in our community again. The lawyers of Colson Hicks Eidson want to do our part to keep our community’s children safe. So we are sharing the Coral Gables Police Department’s six steps to help prevent your child from falling victim to an online predator. Talk to your teen about the dangers of posting pictures and personal information online. Anyone could see what they post and it could affect their future college prospects, employment, or friendships. Limit and monitor the time your kids spend online, because too much time…
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After His Son Died in House Fire, Father Charged with Neglect

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates, 9.2 million children a year are taken to the emergency room for unintentional injuries. In addition, the CDC reports that, on average, 12,175 children under 19 years of age die each year from an unintentional injury. How many of these injuries and deaths occurred because of an adult’s neglect? There is no excuse for an adult’s negligence leading to a child’s injury or death. As adults, it is up to us to provide children with environments free of harm. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Locally, a Lauderhill man is facing a charge of child neglect following the death of his young son in a house fire, according to CBS 4. The fire happened on June 23. The man was at home alone with his two sons, ages 8 and 9, while their mother was at work. The children’s…
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Malfunctioning Swimming Pool Pump Electrocutes Three Children in Hialeah

According to the NY Daily News, three children in Hialeah, Florida were electrocuted in a community pool last month, leaving them motionless as they were trapped underwater. Officials are blaming the accident on the pool’s faulty pool pump. Inspectors say the pool pumps were not properly grounded, so when it malfunctioned, it electrified the water. Surveillance video shows a young girl in the pool suddenly become motionless after she grabbed a metal pole in the pool and was electrocuted. You see the girl suddenly floating very still with her head tilted back underwater. A man in the swimming pool sees her in trouble and tries to help, but is also shocked momentarily when he grabs the metal pole. He is eventually able to pull her out of the pool. Other children had to also be pulled from the dangerous water by adults. The girl and two other children were shocked…
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