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What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic injuries can have permanent, negative effects on your life and the lives of your loved ones. These injuries cause permanent disabilities as well as pain and suffering. They can make working and performing daily tasks impossible. Catastrophic injuries often require extensive medical and rehabilitation services. Unfortunately, receiving these services is only part of the battle. Many people with these injuries and their family members are forced to adjust to a reduced standard of living. There are recent examples of catastrophic injuries that have been mentioned in the press. For example, some of the people harmed by General Motors’ (GM) ignition switch defect suffered these injuries. According to 17 claims filed against GM, these individuals suffered severe burn injuries, double amputations, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries that led to paraplegia and quadriplegia. In this case, these individuals were harmed by a product defect that was concealed by a major…
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South Florida Miracle: Recovering After A Diving Accident

It was Mother’s day when a 24-year-old man dove into the pleasant waters at John U. Lloyd State Park in Hollywood, but he wasn’t expecting the water to be shallow that day. He also wasn’t expecting to sustain a severe neck injury, but when he woke up in the hospital, that’s what doctors told him had happened. The injury was so bad that it rendered the diver quadriplegic—unable to move from the neck down. Doctors didn’t think he would ever be able to move again. What Are The Odds Of Recovering From A Diving Accident? A neurosurgeon at Memorial Regional Hospital in Atlanta told 7 News that, “When I first saw the injury and spoke with his family, I told them maybe about a 5 or 10 percent chance of he being able to walk again,” but those odds were good enough for this young man. For four months he…
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New Study Shows Orlando Is Most Dangerous City in the US for Pedestrians

According to, a study conducted by the National Complete Streets Coalition found that pedestrians are not very safe in Florida: The four most dangerous cities for pedestrians are all located in the Sunshine State, with Orlando topping the list. According to the study, the four most dangerous cities in the US for pedestrians are: Orlando Jacksonville Clearwater Tampa “People need to slow down. People really need to slow down,” one local Orlando pedestrian told Florida officials say large roads with six or more lanes could be to blame. Orlando is full of large streets with several lanes of traffic that can create tragic results when pedestrians are involved. “When you look at State Road 50, S.R. 436, Orange Blossom Trail, which are typically our top three areas for pedestrians crashes, we do see pedestrians have to travel across six lanes,” stated Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman Kim Montes. If…
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Study Shows More Children are Being Harmed by Baby Gates Due to Defective Design

Parents use baby gates to prevent their infants and children from getting injured; however, a new study shows that most baby gates are doing more harm than good. The number of children treated in emergency rooms for injuries caused by baby gates has nearly quadrupled since 1990, leading experts to warn families about the dangers of using these harmful child products. According to the study conducted by researchers in the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, from 1990 to 2010, 37,673 children younger than seven years old were taken to emergency rooms for sustaining baby gate-related injuries. This is an average of five injured children per day. Researchers found that over 60 percent of the injured children were younger than two years old, and were most often injured by falling down the stairs after the baby gate collapsed. Child injuries caused by baby gates included: Sprains…
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Bus Driver Killed in Tallahassee Bus Accident

According to WCTV TV, a school bus carrying a Florida high school track team crashed early in the morning of April 18. The crash happened at the intersection of Apalachee Parkway and Conner Boulevard in Tallahassee around 2:30 a.m. The 65-year-old bus driver was killed and four people were taken to the hospital for their injuries. Deputies say there were 33 people on the school bus, and they were on the way back from a track meet in Jacksonville when the crash occurred. “The gold Camry was traveling eastbound on Apalachee Parkway and turned north onto Conner Boulevard, striking the school bus. After impact, the school bus traveled off the side of the road, [and] struck the traffic signal pole,” stated Captain James McQuaig with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Leon County deputies say the 65-year-old bus driver was killed on the scene. School administrators say two students and two…
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Train Operator Falls Asleep at Controls, Train Derails and Injures 32

According to CNN, the Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line train crashed and injured 32 people on March 24. The eight-car train failed to stop at the end of the line when it arrived at the airport station at 2:52 a.m., according to Chicago Fire Department officials. The lead car appeared to have climbed an escalator adjacent to the passenger platform. One federal investigator told CNN that he has never seen a train climb an escalator like the one that jumped the tracks at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. “I’ve investigated many accidents and trains do different things,” stated Tim DePaepe, a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator. “It’s all about kinetic force. I have not seen an accident like this personally.” According to the NTSB, the train’s driver was asleep at the controls when the crash occurred. The operator jolted awake just in time for her to see the lead car…
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