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Press releases from our Florida litigation law firm from 1999, which highlight news of the work they did helping injury victims and their families.

Aeroperu Crash Victims Win Landmark Award

MIAMI (December 13, 1999) — The law firm of Colson, Hicks, Eidson, Colson, Martínez & Mendoza today confirmed that the family members of the passengers aboard AeroPeru flight 603, which originated in Miami and crashed off the coast of Peru on October 2nd, 1996, received one of the largest cash awards stemming from an airplane crash outside the United States aboard a non-U.S. carrier. The thirty-two year old firm served as co-counsel for nearly two-thirds of the families of the 70 people who died when the pilots accidentally flew the Boeing 757 into the ocean after receiving confusing and conflicting information from their control panels. According to the complaint, the control panel errors were caused by careless maintenance by AeroPeru, the airline operating the flight, and negligence and defective design by The Boeing Company, the airplane’s manufacturer. The suit was filed against Boeing in federal court in Miami in May,…
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