West Palm Beach Federal Tort Claims Act Attorney

The litigation lawyers at Colson Hicks Eidson have served as lead and co-counsel on many high-profile lawsuits over the last four decades. We have gained hundreds of millions of dollars in injury settlements on behalf of our clients. We dedicate ourselves to helping injury victims and their families get the compensation and justice they deserve. Our attorneys handle cases throughout the State of Florida (and nationwide). The Federal Tort Claims Act attorneys who handle cases in West Palm Beach are ready to get to work on your case today.

What is the Federal Tort Claims Act?

In 1946, Congress passed the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). This is a law that allows for certain lawsuits against the federal government and federal employees if an injury occurs due to an action that was caused while that employee was acting within the scope of their duties or on behalf of the government. Ordinarily, under the doctrine of sovereign immunity, you cannot file a lawsuit against a government without its express permission. The FTCA provides that “permission” in certain circumstances.

How does the Federal Tort Claims Act process work?

Filing a lawsuit against the federal government requires following specific procedures. For an FTCA lawsuit to be successful, you must follow certain guidelines concerning a personal injury claim or wrongful death lawsuit against a federal government entity or employee.

Filing a Federal Tort Claim Act lawsuit is different than the rules applied to standard tort claims. It is strongly recommended that you secure an attorney to help you in these cases.

  • You need to file this claim within two years from the time the injury occurs.
  • Be aware that any local statute of limitations may shorten this window.

The first step will be to file an administrative claim with the agency you believe is responsible for the injuries. When you file a claim, the agency has six months to respond under the law. They can either

  • accept the claim and pay some or all of the damages you have requested, or
  • reject your claim and refuse to pay the damages you think you are entitled to.

If your claim is rejected, you have another six months to file a lawsuit against the agency. This is going to involve serious work on the part of your attorney, who will ensure that all aspects of your case are investigated. Suing the government is a serious matter that requires a team experienced with FTCA cases.

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