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Class Action Filed Following Blackberry Outage

November 4, 2011
Colson Hicks Eidson

Do you or a friend favor the Blackberry over the iPhone? If so, you, like millions of Blackberry users, were inconvenienced when Blackberry experienced a worldwide outage of its services on October 10. Don’t be surprised if users in the U.S. follow suit and file a class action lawsuit as users in Canada did last month, as reported at

The class action suit wants Blackberry maker, Research in Motion (RIM), to compensate Blackberry users directly or indirectly from the outage when users lost e-mail, messaging and Internet service on their devices. A spokesperson for RIM said a core switch failure within RIM’s infrastructure caused the outage. You may not know what that means, and the Canadian plaintiffs don’t seem to care, either.

After the outage, RIM offered users $100 worth of free apps when it restored service on October 13. It marked the worst outage in RIM’s 12-years and it came at a time when it has been losing business to Apple and Google smartphones.

If you were affected by the outage, did you accept RIM’s offer of the free apps? Do you think that made-up for the loss of service?

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