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Could I Be Hit by a Car or Truck During a Parade?

November 13, 2014
Colson Hicks Eidson

Even when vehicles are traveling at relatively slow speeds, whether due to stop-and-go traffic, the confines of a parking lot or because of a parade, devastating accidents can happen. This was the case in mid-October when a Lauderhill woman was hit by a truck while participating in a parade in Miami.

According to WFOR-TV, the parade was a part of the Miami Broward One Carnival, a yearly event that celebrates the area’s Caribbean culture. The victim in the crash was a 54-year-old woman, who was participating in the event as a part of the Mascots International Mas Band. She was a masquerader for the band, and at the time of the incident, she was in costume marching with the group toward the Miami-Dade County Fair and Expo, where the main stage was located.

On the way to the stage, the woman and the other masqueraders stopped to perform for the event’s judges. While they were performing, a box truck with a trailer stopped to avoid interrupting their performance.

After the masqueraders completed their performance, the woman went to retrieve her cell phone, which she had dropped. Her phone had fallen to the ground and rolled under the box truck’s trailer, and as she reached for it, the box truck began moving again and hit her. The 54 year old was taken to Kendall Regional Trauma Center following the accident, where she died from her injuries.

Did You Know?: The first referenced use of a parade float happened in Greece around 500 B.C., according to

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