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Disney Cruise Ship Rescues Royal Caribbean Passenger Who Fell Overboard

March 15, 2015
Colson Hicks Eidson

For the average person, the idea that they’ll ever fall off a cruise ship into the sea seems about as likely as winning the lottery. However, it does happen, and no matter how long the odds are, anyone who steps onto a cruise ship is potentially at risk of falling overboard.

Imagine it; one minute you’re having the time of your life, the next it’s a struggle just to take your next breath. Plus, you probably didn’t have a life jacket on, because you weren’t expecting to fall overboard. But now, here you are, alone in the deep blue sea as the ship’s getting smaller and smaller in the distance with every passing second. Did anyone see you fall? Can they hear your screams?

Recently, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship passenger was put in the position of having to fight for his life after no one on his vessel noticed he fell overboard. According to Yahoo!, after a 22-year-old man fell off a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, it was not the crew of his own ship that rescued him but that of a Disney cruise ship that just happened to be passing by.

Reportedly, after spotting the man, the Disney crewmembers lowered a lifeboat into the water and used it to fish him out. After the 22-year-old was rescued, he was taken to shore for treatment.

Who Can Help Me If I Was Hurt on a Cruise?

As injury lawyer Patrick Montoya explains in the video above, the laws that govern an accident on the water are very complex, especially if a cruise ship is involved or the incident took place in international waters. In many cases, an experienced attorney is a cruise ship accident victim’s best bet for justice.

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