Federal Lawmakers Hear Testimony on Cruise Ship Disasters

Do you feel like taking a cruise? If you shutter at the idea of taking a cruise on any cruise line at this point, you are not alone. The recent shipwreck and fire aboard two Costa Cruises ships has many Americans re-thinking their next vacation. Carnival Cruise Lines owns Costa Cruises.

We blogged on Wednesday about the engine room fire that crippled the Allegra vessel, leaving it to drift in open, pirate-infested waters near Somalia. This was on the heels of the Concordia vessel drifting ashore and killing 32 people. Costa Cruises blamed the wreck on its captain, whom allegedly abandoned ship while passengers struggled to escape.

Last week, federal regulators convened in a Congressional hearing to discuss and hear testimony regarding cruise ship safety regulations and international safety standards. Passengers from both cruise ship disasters offered testimony at the hearing. Passengers told stories of jumping overboard and swimming to nearby rocks because they could not get aboard the life rafts.

The Costa Cruise line has been in business for 60 years. The two disasters occurred within six weeks of one another. Experts doubt whether even a name change for the cruise line can salvage its reputation

Did you suffer injuries in either of the two Costa Cruise disasters?

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