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Fifty People Killed in Tragic Plane Crash in Russia

December 2, 2013
Colson Hicks Eidson

According to NBC News, 50 people were killed when a passenger plane crashed in central Russia on November 24.

NBC News reported that a 23-year-old Boeing 737 that had recently left Moscow exploded after a failed attempt to land at the Kazan International Airport. Flight U363 took off from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport and crashed just over an hour later. Officials said that the plane had attempted to land several times prior to the crash. According to eyewitness reports, the aircraft lost altitude quickly and its fuel tank exploded on impact.

Authorities reported that 44 passengers and 6 crew members were confirmed dead. The son of the president of the province of Tatarstan and the regional head of the FSB intelligence service were named among those who had died.

A spokesman for state aviation oversight agency Rosaviatsia said authorities would search for the flight recorders for more information on what caused the crash, but the direct cause is still unknown.

I Have Lost a Loved One in a Plane Crash. What Do I Do Now?

The Boeing 737 is the world’s most popular passenger jet currently in use. There have been 170 crashes involving this model since it was first used.

Our firm has represented families in plane crash accidents spanning from practically every corner of the globe. We handled litigation for the victims of a crash involving a Boeing 737-300 in 2007 that killed 102 people. We also successfully concluded the international litigation and arbitration against AeroPeru and The Boeing Co. in its representation of 42 families who lost their loved ones in a crash off the coast of Peru in 1996.

Colson Hicks Eidson is highly skilled and well respected in aviation law litigation, constantly striving to protect clients’ interests, identify the truth and determine the responsibility of aviation disasters. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a plane crash, call our firm today so we can hear your story. We want to know what you have gone through and experienced. Feel free to comment below or visit our Facebook page to share your story.

Did You Know: According to the International Air Transport Association, Russia and the former Soviet republics combined had one of the world’s worst air-traffic safety records in 2011.

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