Ford Spark Plug Class Action Lawsuit

Attention, Ford drivers: Colson Hicks Eidson has filed a class action lawsuit for owners of 2004 through 2008 model years Ford F-150 trucks, Ford Mustangs, Ford Explorers, Ford Expeditions, Lincoln Navigators, Lincoln Mark LTs and Mercury Mountaineers. The class action suit alleges that Ford used defective spark plugs in these vehicles, and their removal requires exceptional efforts that increase the time necessary to replace spark plugs and increase the expense to Ford drivers. Often, some or all of the defective plugs break during the removal process, leaving a substantial portion of the defective plug lodged in the cylinder head, further increasing the expense. Class members have been required to spend hundreds, and in many instances, thousands of dollars to replace these defective products, when in reality, spark plugs generally cost around $150.

These defective spark plugs also reduce the value of the vehicles. Ford knew about these defects prior to offering the vehicles for sale and lease in the United States, but Ford did not disclose the defects or fix the defects prior to their purchase or lease.

If you have an involved vehicle and have paid either what you feel is too much for spark plug replacement or had engine damage related to maintenance work on your vehicle, contact the Florida class action attorneys at Colson Hicks Eidson for further information on this class action suit. If you drive one of the vehicles mentioned above and have not already sustained excessive costs to repair your vehicle, we urge you to visit your Ford dealer and have your spark plugs checked for this problem.


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