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Here are the Worst Five Cars of All Time

January 23, 2011
Colson Hicks Eidson

Popular Mechanics magazine came out with a dubious list that automakers would likely rather ignore, especially if they are on it. The list is the top five notorious automobile recalls of all time. According to Popular Mechanics, automobile recalls damage not only consumer confidence, they damage the automaker’s reputation as well. Here is a recap of the list.

#5 – The Ford Explorer (1991 – 2001). Although it helped usher in the SUV craze, the Ford Explore was prone to tipping. It replaced the family station wagon, but it was not as stable due to all the weight it carried near the top. Adding to Ford’s problems were the factory Firestone tires that had tread problems making the SUV difficult to control at times.

#4 – The Ford Pinto (1971 – 1978). If an automaker wants to make a car on the cheap, chances are they will skimp on the engineering. In the case of the Pinto, it meant placing the fuel tank behind the rear axle. The result was that rear-end crashes, even at low speeds, meant a fiery car crash. Ford paid out millions in legal claims.

#3 – General Motors’s X-Cars (1980 – 1982). Do you remember the Buick Skylark, Chevrolet Citation and Pontiac Phoenix? They are easily forgettable and easy to spot in any early 80’s cop show. The models were subject to nine recalls for bad fuel lines and faulty steering gear, to name a few defects.

#2 – Audi 5000 (1980 – 1982). The floor mats on this car could shift and depress the gas pedal. The result was sudden acceleration, and a 60 Minutes segment on the problem sealed the car’s fate. Audi, however, enjoyed a recovery in the mid 90’s with their A4 model.

#1 – Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare (1976 – 1977). These two models suffered from everything from mechanical defects to cosmetic problems (they rusted easily). In addition, emission problems, faulty fuel systems and defective seatbelts almost sank Chrysler. It took Lee Iacocca and a massive federal loan to bring Chrysler back to life.

Were you an owner of any of the above cars?

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