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Was Your Home Built with Defective Stucco?

December 7, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

When defective Chinese drywall was ruining homes and people’s lives, the product liability attorneys at Colson Hicks Eidson were there to help the victims. We helped recover damages for multiple families, and since then we’ve kept an eye on house construction defects so you can be informed. Now, a new defect is starting to emerge, and South Florida needs to be alerted.

Was Your Home Built with Defective Stucco?

Residents in a South Florida community are just starting to learn that their homes may be defective. As it turns out, a type of stucco used by the home builder, Beazer Homes, doesn’t stand the test of time. This stucco allows water to gather underneath windows and walls. This water can seep into and rot away wooden house framing and cause serious damage.

The defect was discovered many years ago by Beazer. According to NBC 2 out of Fort Myers, the company informed its stockholders and sent inspectors to affected homes. But those inspectors never arrived, and now homeowners may have to deal with the defect on their own.

When they called their homebuilder, Beazer, to do something about the defect, homeowners were told tough luck. Turns out, the company’s 10-year warranty on most of the affected homes had expired just before these homeowners found out about the problem. Yet, the homebuilder knew about the defects the whole time.

Are these homeowners out of luck? Should Beazer be held responsible like the companies that used defective Chinese drywall? Keep following our blog and tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.