Honda Will Recall Over 2 Million Cars to Fix Defect

If you drive a newer Honda Accord, Element, Odyssey or Spirior, Honda might be contacting you about a recall to fix the car’s transmission. According to, the engine on the cars can unexpectedly cut out on the driver. As a result, Honda is recalling 2.49 million cars to fix the defective transmission.

So far, there have been no deaths or injuries related to the problem. Honda says the engine cut out can happen when drivers quickly shift between reverse, neutral and drive. Quick shifting like that can happen when a driver attempts to get out of mud or snow. The result can be a stalled engine when drivers least expect.

Over 1 million of the affected vehicles are in the United States. Approximately 760,000 of the affected cars are in China. The models include the 2005-2010 Honda Accord 4-cylinder, 2007-2010 CRV and the 2005-2008 Honda Element. Certain models of the Odyssey and Spirior are also subject to recall.

Honda says it will update the automatic transmission software in all the vehicles free of charge. The updated software will slow the transition between gears and lessen the possibility of transmission damage. Honda will begin notifying owners at the end of this month.

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