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Is Your Hospital Taking You Seriously?

March 12, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

She came to the emergency room with stomach pains, and she never made it home. A 57-year-old woman from Tallahassee, Florida had sought medical treatment from Calhoun Liberty Hospital. She was seen by a doctor and released from the hospital not long after, but something was wrong.

Is Your Hospital Taking You Seriously?

The 57-year-old refused to leave the hospital, and insisted on getting oxygen. The nurses refused, and called the police to take the woman away instead of reexamining her. When the police arrived, they put handcuffs on the woman and escorted her to the police car. She collapsed before they could get her into the vehicle.

Did The Hospital Try To Save Her?

She was rushed back into the hospital where doctors battled to save her life for two hours, but it was too late. The woman passed, and an autopsy later ruled that her death was the result of natural causes. However, many people still wonder if the hospital could have done more to save this woman. Would she still be alive today if the hospital had not rushed her out?

Is There Anything The Victim’s Family Can Do?

Hospitals are held to a high standard because they help save people’s lives, and the smallest mistake could prove fatal in such certain situations. Many people don’t even realize that a delay of treatment can be just as devastating as leaving a surgical tool inside a patient, and that is why it’s important to hold medical facilities responsible for negligence. The family of the woman who lost her life claims that the hospital staff was negligent and so they are preparing to file a lawsuit against Calhoun Liberty.

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