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Injuries Occur On Cruise Ships – How Can You Hold Operators Accountable?

June 5, 2020
Colson Hicks Eidson

While the cruise industry may have taken a hit during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this is an industry that will undoubtedly return strong in the future with plenty of willing cruise ship passengers. Already, many people are planning cruise ship vacations for themselves and their families. However, what happens if you are injured actions of a cruise ship operator? It is important to understand that personal injury cases that arise after a cruise ship injury are not like other types of personal injury cases you are likely to be involved in.

Injuries can occur on a cruise ship just like they can anywhere else

Just because a cruise ship may seem like a magical getaway does not mean that passengers will not be injured. Cruise ships are built for amusement and entertainment, and there are numerous ways that injuries can occur. This can include slip and fall incidents, injuries caused due to faulty maintenance on board, food poisoning, assaults, injuries on rides or slides, and more.

Cruise ship passengers also regularly spend time on shore excursions during various stops on the cruise. It is not uncommon for cruise ship passengers to sustain injuries on these excursions. Sometimes these injuries are serious, and there have been times when cruise ship passengers lose their lives during shore excursions.

The fine print on the tickets

When a cruise ship passenger buys a ticket, they probably do not read the fine print. However, the fine print typically includes a contract between the cruise ship and the passenger that places strict stipulations on how, where, and when the passenger can file a lawsuit against the cruise ship operators.

Venue for lawsuits

Part of the fine print is almost always going to include a stipulation on where any lawsuits can be brought. For example, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian all require passengers to file their case in the Southern District of Florida, the place where most major cruise lines are headquartered. Why would they do this? To have a home-field advantage in a lawsuit.

Different statute of limitations

The fine print on the contract also likely significantly shortens the maritime law three-year statute of limitations for these cases. Passenger ticket wording typically reduces this to just one year, with a requirement to notify the cruise ship operator about the injury within six months from the date it occurred. This shortened statute of limitations can significantly impact a person’s claim.

Let our team help you through this

If you or a loved one sustain an injury due to the negligent actions of a cruise ship operator, let the team at Colson Hicks Eidson get to work on your case today. We have extensive experience helping victims in these cases, and our team has the resources necessary to conduct their full investigation into your case. We know what it takes to win these cases and secure the compensation you need, including the following:

  • Coverage of your medical bills
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Loss of personal enjoyment damages
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Possible punitive damages against the cruise ship operator

When you need a cruise ship injury attorney, we are ready to help. Whether you live in Florida or anywhere throughout the US, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or by calling us at 305-476-7400.