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Injuries on an Airplane – Who is Responsible?

December 7, 2011
Colson Hicks Eidson

With the winter travel season in full swing, airplane safety might be on your mind as you pack your luggage. While your chances of being involved in a plane crash remain small, many travelers fail to think about injuries on the airplane. Falling baggage and falls in the tiny airplane bathrooms can cause severe injuries.

When overhead bins are unsecured, the falling baggage can cause head and neck injuries. And did you ever realize how heavy those rolling food and beverage carts are? The carts cause injuries every year when they run over travelers’ feet and ankles. Flight attendants can lose control of them and they end up rolling down the aisle crashing into someone’s shoulder.

Anyone who suffers an in-flight injury might have a claim against various parties, depending on the injury. The airline, airline employees, aircraft manufacturer and the FAA are potentially liable for the injuries. Even injuries caused by turbulence are subject to a legal claim. If the flight crew or pilot could foresee the turbulence but failed to warn passengers, they might be responsible for injuries caused by turbulence.

Have you ever suffered an in-flight injury on an airplane?

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