Is It Safe for Construction Workers to Work with Rebar?

Construction siteA steel reinforcing bar, or rebar, adds stability to buildings under construction. According to the United States Department of Labor, if rebar is unguarded and protruding, it is extremely hazardous. In fact, the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that “just [stumbling] onto an unguarded rebar…can impale [someone], resulting in serious internal injuries or death.”

Unfortunately, a Florida construction worker was the victim of a rebar-related accident recently, which resulted in serious injuries. According to WTVJ-TV, the accident took place on the 30th floor of the Brickell City Centre, a new mall that is under construction.

While it is still unclear what caused the incident, it took what WTVJ described as a “daring rescue” from the roof of the Brickell City Centre to retrieve the worker after a wall of rebar collapsed on top of him. Reportedly, the rescue involved firefighters using a Stokes basket and a crane to stabilize and lower the worker to the ground.

After his rescue, the construction worker was taken to the Jackson Memorial Hospital Ryder Trauma Center, where he was listed in stable condition at the time of this report.

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