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Do You Know How To Avoid Wrong-Way Crashes?

February 9, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Two sisters were driving home from Disney World along Interstate 95. One was an accomplished violinist, the other was an Airforce Staff Sergeant on her way to an assignment in Korea. Unfortunately, neither survived their encounter with a wrong-way driver in Pompano Beach, and their story is not unique.

How To Avoid Wrong-Way Crashes

Florida has been labelled as the third worst state in the nation when it comes to wrong-way crashes, but authorities are trying to change the trend. They are reminding Florida drivers about how they can avoid wrong-way crashes, and here are a few of their recommendations.

How To Avoid Driving The Wrong Way

First, remember that the yellow lines on the road should always be on your left, and white road stripes should always be on your right. This will keep you from travelling the wrong direction on the road. Also remember that the reflectors on the road will shine red when you are heading in the wrong direction.

How To Avoid Wrong-Way Drivers

If you are travelling in the right direction, remember to travel in the right hand lane at night. If a wrong-way driver is coming at you, they will most likely be travelling in your left hand lane, so travelling on the right will increase your chances of not having a head on collision. Quickly spotting wrong-way drivers can also help you avoid crashes, so remember to stay focused on the road when you’re driving. Don’t text, take phone calls, or drink before driving, and you will be able to spot wrong-way drivers before they crash into you.

Knowing these tips can help save your life, but spreading the word can also be important. Share this story with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. To find out what else you can do to prevent these crashes, visit our auto accidents page too.

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