Local Cyclist “Hooligan Sean” Remembered

course cyclistOn his way to a bicycle race in Ferndale, a Coral Gables cycling icon was involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, he did not survive the crash, but his family and friends wanted to make sure his memory lived on.

Magic Monday was the name of the memorial ride held by the family and friends of the 51-year-old cyclist who lost his life. The 20-mile ride was attended by about 100 local riders, who shared memories and stories about the man who they had nicknamed “Hooligan Sean”. The biking group he founded last year says that they will keep riding every Wednesday night as they did before their friend’s passing.

“There’s not one thing Sean wouldn’t do for somebody,” said one of his longtime friends. The cyclist’s daughter remarked, “He wanted to bring so much awareness to the biking community. He wanted people to ride bikes and do that not in fear, but with passion.”

The lawyers of Colson Hick Eidson also share a passion for safe bicycling on the streets of Coral Gables. Biking of all sorts is becoming more popular in our community, and we need to strive to improve awareness of our cycling neighbors.  Keep watching our blog for more information and news about our local cycling scene, and check out our bicycle accidents page for tips on how to handle a crash should you ever need to.

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