Michael’s Stores Facing Possible Class Action Suits for Security Breach

Michael’s Stores Inc., is facing two possible class action lawsuits from customers who had their debit and credit card information stolen from compromised checkout line PIN pads in 20 states. The plaintiffs requested class action status earlier this month, alleging that Michael’s failed to safeguard their credit and debit card information.

One plaintiff in Illinois said her $18.16 purchase in March led to over $1000.00 in unauthorized transactions. The data theft happened when she swiped her card through a Michael’s PIN pad in the checkout line. The complaint alleges that Michael’s security failure allowed cyber thieves to steal customers’ financial data and rob the customers’ accounts without the customer ever knowing.

Last month, about three months after the data thefts began happening, Michael’s e-mailed customers in the Chicago-area warning that outside parties may have compromised their debit and credit card information. The plaintiffs’ attorney said the e-mail shows that Michael’s expects its customers to bear the burden of the security breach.

A spokesperson for Michael’s commented that the security breach affected less than 100 customers.

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