More Deadly Firepots Removed from Store Shelves

Nine more makers of the deadly fire pots and fuel gels agreed to a voluntary recall of the defective product. Napa Valley made headlines earlier this summer when its fire pot and fuel gel injured dozens of people and caused two deaths. The product is prone to explosions and spraying the flammable fuel on the victims, causing severe and painful burn injuries.

So far, 65 people have suffered injuries from the product, in addition to the two deaths. The additional recall added nine more companies to the list of manufacturers, which removed about 2 million units off store shelves.

Even though the product’s packaging called it “safe,” the victims suffered horrific burn injuries. Burn injuries are not only extremely painful, but they often leave permanent scarring and psychological trauma for the victims. The American Burn Association (ABA) says there are 1 million burn injuries every year in the United States and about 45,000 hospitalizations due to burns. One-third of the burn injuries happen to children, according to the ABA.

Witnesses to the exploding gel pots described it as a fireball thrown out at the victims without notice. What makes it even worse is that the gel sticks to the skin and makes the fire burn stronger.

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