More Plaintiffs File Suit in Connection with the DePuy Hip Replacement

Wisconsin is now the newest state where plaintiffs have filed a suit stemming from injuries from the DePuy hip replacement system. Nearly 80 plaintiffs are alleging various injuries and health problems from the defective product, which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled last year.

Plaintiffs filed this latest product liability lawsuit in the Northern District of Ohio against DePuy’s parent company, Johnson and Johnson. This is one of many lawsuits filed in the past few years alleging that the metal in the implant leads to metallosis, caused when the implant’s metal parts rub against each other and release metal into the patient’s bloodstream.

According to, metallosis can lead to tissue damage, bone loss, necrosis, fibrosis, genetic damage and inflammatory reactions. Last year, the FDA recalled the device after the maker admitted that more than 10 percent of the implants fail in the first five years. The long-term failure rate could be even higher.

Overall, DePuy and Johnson and Johnson are defendants in almost 20 states because of the implant’s dangerous side effects. Most lawsuits request that the defendants pay the medical expenses associated with the hip replacement system.

Consult a Florida injury lawyer if you have suffered injuries from the DePuy hip replacement system. An experienced Florida attorney can protect your rights as a victim and get you fair compensation for your injuries.

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