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Most Aviation Accidents Occur On Runways

June 30, 2014
Colson Hicks Eidson

When an aircraft veers off the runway and crashes during take-off or landing, investigators call it a “runway excursion.” Statistically speaking, this is the most common type of aircraft accident in the world today.

Training programs for pilots now use flight simulators to create circumstances too risky to practice in an airborne craft. Many problems that plagued pilots for decades have been sorted out and solved. Runway excursions, however, have proven tougher to unravel.

The causes and conditions of these disasters change from incident to incident, making it nearly impossible to find a simple solution that will prevent every single runway excursion. Weather, of course, is frequently a factor on landing, but so is disproportionate velocity, as well as misjudging the length of a given runway. So how do we put a stop to these terrible crash landings?

And what about problems that occur on take-off, before an aircraft ever even leaves the ground? A runway excursion of this type could be caused by a number of unforeseen occurrences, such as a heavy cargo load that upsets the plane’s delicate balance, abrupt and total engine shutdown or even a bird getting sucked into an engine.

Our Injury Lawyers Have Aviation Litigation Experience

The mechanical dependability of today’s aircraft has grown considerably, but it would be foolhardy to pretend accidents do not happen. Our accident attorneys are highly capable and well respected in aviation law. We endeavor to protect our clients’ interests, identify what really happened and determine who is responsible in an aviation disaster.

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Did You Know: In 2007, a fatal crash occurred in Sao Paolo, Brazil, when a massive A320 slid off the runway and slammed into a building. A320s and 737s were soon banned due to the airport’s inadequate runway. 

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