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How Much Damage Can A Sleepy Trucker Cause?

March 6, 2016
Colson Hicks Eidson

Large powerful engines, gigantic trailers, and tons of cargo make semi-trucks some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Their size can carry several risks for cars on the road near them, so the drivers of these vehicles have to be extra cautious while hauling a load. However, drivers can be pushed too far and accidents can happen…

How Much Damage Can A Sleepy Trucker Cause?

It was early on November 30th when a truck driver out of Fresno, California was hauling a load along eastbound Interstate 10. Authorities aren’t clear on how long this Fresno man had been behind the wheel, but at around 5:08 a.m. near mile marker 83, the man fell asleep at the wheel.

He immediately went off road, woke up and tried to correct his course. The sudden movement was too much for the vehicle, and the 18-wheeler overturned and crashed across all the eastbound lanes of I-10. A Hummer driving next to the truck was able to veer left just in time to avoid being crushed under the toppling big rig, but it wasn’t able to stop before colliding with the trailer’s underside. Another trucker—trying to avoid the crash—jackknifed his hauler right before another big rig slammed on its brakes and was struck from behind by another truck.

Miraculously, everyone involved in this crash walked away with only minor injuries, but the results could have been far deadlier. As a single mistake from one truck driver caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, but why did this trucker fall asleep at the wheel?

Driver fatigue has been a constant problem for trucking companies that keep pushing their drivers to make tighter deadlines over longer distances, but people are fighting to keep our roads safer and improve conditions for truck drivers. For more information, keep following our blog and look for updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages.