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Picture of Appeal Attorney Maureen LefebvreEach area of the law has its own challenges, and appellate practice takes a special kind of focus. An appeal goes before judges, not juries or panels. In an appeal, the focus is on the law itself; this is what attracts appeal attorney and firm partner Maureen Lefebvre. Maureen Lefebvre has over 26 years of experience in appellate law across the spectrum of civil litigation.

Appellate Law Requires a Focused, Knowledgeable Appeals Attorney

Appellate practice requires in-depth understanding of the nuances of law. Even cases with similar facts can have different legal interpretations. The satisfaction of appellate practice is being able to influence precedent and interpretation of the law. Because of this, appellate attorneys can build stronger support for good laws and work toward changing those laws that do not work.

Maureen is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Law. During law school, she clerked for Beckham and McAliley, a prominent personal injury law firm, while in law school. She also joined the distinguished appellate law firm Greene & Cooper (later Cooper & Wolfe) and has practiced in the appellate field since then.

Her civil appeals practice encompasses personal injury and wrongful death suits, as well as bankruptcy, admiralty, commercial torts, contracts, insurance and white collar criminal law. Maureen handles cases in both state and federal appellate courts. Additionally, she is a member of The Florida Bar Appellate Section.

Find an Attorney Who Handles Appeals Nationwide

Maureen’s pro bono work includes handling appeals for the guardian ad litem program and the public defender’s office.

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Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Florida Bar, Appellate Section

Civic and Community Activities

  • Pro Bono Appeals for the Guardian Ad Litem Program and the Public Defender’s Office


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Past Employment Positions

  • Beckham and McAliley, Law Clerk
  • Cooper & Wolfe (formerly Greene & Cooper)