Could a Pickup Truck Crash Into My House?

The last thing most people are thinking about while they are in their house is how to keep their home safe from an auto accident. However, recently, a family in Coral Springs, Florida was the victim of just such an incident.

Injured personAccording to WBFS-TV, the accident happened in the early morning hours on a Tuesday in November. A local pastor and her daughters, including one daughter who is pregnant, were asleep at the time of the wreck. However, the sound of the pickup truck crashing into their duplex awoke them.

Thankfully, no one involved was injured. The driver of the truck claimed that he was heading to the dump to unload trash when his vehicle lost control and his brakes malfunctioned. The police still gave the driver four traffic tickets.

The family’s house is unsafe to live in for now, according to building inspectors. Until the damage is repaired, the pastor and her family will have to stay with family.

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