Plaintiff Says Car Window is Like a Guillotine

The injured plaintiff said the Infinity angled rear window is like a guillotine. A proper simile, one could argue, since the vehicle’s window cut-off a portion of her finger last August. The woman filed a product liability suit against Nissan last month in New Orleans federal court, according to Nissan makes the 2007 Infinity M35, which is the vehicle at issue.

The woman and her family were at a Louisiana gas station last August. The Nissan was in park and she was standing on the passenger side. Her daughter rolled down the window to speak to her, and when she rolled the window back up, the window allegedly cut-off a portion of the woman’s right ring finger. The complaint states that the window should have an auto reverse function and a proper load sensor.

She accuses Nissan of sacrificing safety in favor of the vehicles’ aesthetics. The vehicle is dangerous in design, according to her complaint. Furthermore, she alleges Nissan failed to warn consumers of the design defect.

According to, there are no recalls for the Infinity model here. So far, there have been no other reported injuries from the vehicles window. We will keep you posted on any reported injuries from the Infinity window.

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