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Plane Crash Victim Wants Liability Law Changed

July 1, 2014
Colson Hicks Eidson

Susan Crockett’s Florida home was destroyed when a plane crashed through her roof.

Crockett was stunned to learn the pilot who demolished her house did not have insurance to help replace it, and doubly shocked to discover that private plane pilots may be required to have a license from the Federal Aviation Administration, but they do not need to have insurance coverage.

Accordingly, many small aircraft pilots never bother with insurance because of high costs and the relatively low risk of accidents.

In a highly critical statement, Crockett demanded of the FAA, “How can you, in good conscience, let someone get into an airplane and fly over houses, schools? What if that crash had been at a day care?”

Sadly, the plane’s pilot and passengers died in the crash. Crockett managed to crawl through a window to escape her burning home, and suffered only minor injuries. The emotional damage has been lasting, though. “There are still days when I’m driving down the street and I relive what happened,” she says. “That’ll never go away.”

She still gets uneasy hearing the roar of a plane’s engine overhead.

Among the irreplaceable items lost were her daughters’ diplomas. “We lost everything,” she said. “Yes, I have my life, but…” Crockett pauses, considering. “I think there’s a reason I’m still here to tell my story. If something can be done, if something can come from it … I’m willing to tell it every day.”

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