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Golf Course Accident Attorneys

We Handle Cases Involving Golfing Accidents Caused by Defective Course Design

At Colson Hicks Eidson, our lawyers have spent the past 40 years building a reputation for success with even the most complex, time-consuming claims. We have obtained groundbreaking verdicts and settlements in cases of national and international significance. We have also obtained numerous multi-million dollar recoveries for victims of negligence at resorts and public venues, such as golf courses.

Our attorneys have the experience and resources to handle complicated personal injury claims, such as those involving golfing accidents. While golf may not seem like a dangerous sport, defective design of a golf course can have catastrophic consequences. Poor design can increase the risk of golf cart accidents as well as personal injuries from stray golf balls. At Colson Hicks Eidson, we have handled many claims involving golf accidents and injuries. As a result, our golf course accident attorneys have solid relationships with course designers and other experts necessary for proving liability.

Nationally Recognized Golf Course Accident Attorneys with a History of Success

Our attorneys handle golf course accidents in Florida and nationwide on a regular basis. Often, these injury claims involve defective design of the course, although owner negligence often contributes to these injuries as well. For example, we have represented several cases in which poor roadways caused golf cart accidents. These roads may be too steep or difficult to maneuver, creating a hazard. Golf carts typically have no restraints, such as seatbelts, so a crash or rollover can cause severe injuries.

In one case, we represented a woman who sustained a serious eye injury from a stray golf ball. We worked with course design experts and investigated similar accidents across the country. As a result, our lawyers successfully proved that the design of the golf course was negligent. The positioning of the tee was aligned with the next fairway, so that a straight shot would send the ball into the next area. This created an unreasonable risk for people on the next fairway, which is where our client sustained her injury. Thus, we successfully settled this case for our client.

What are Common Causes of Golfing Accidents?

A golf course may appear innocuous, but negligence in the design, upkeep and use of the fairways can cause serious disabling injuries. Some of the most common causes of golfing accidents include:

  • Defective design. Golf course designers must ensure that roads are safe for golf carts and that the positioning of tees and fairways does not place nearby golfers in danger. Every golf course is different, so there is no standard design. However, experts must consider all possible risks of a new design, including the potential for errant shots.
  • Poor maintenance. Golf course owners must maintain the fairways and roads, as well as address known risks in a timely manner. For example, if a section of road is damaged, then the course owner must either repair it or post warning signs to prevent golf cart accidents.
  • Golfer negligence. In most states, golfers must warn other players when they are in danger of being hit by a shot. Usually, a golfer will yell “fore” to warn those ahead. Failure to do so could mean that the player is liable for the injuries and damages that result. However, each state has different rules about a golfer’s duty to warn.
  • Unsafe facilities. Most golf courses have clubhouses and other buildings on the property. Negligence or unsafe conditions in these areas can result in slip and fall accidents, and other injuries.
  • Incorrect yardage information. Golf scorecards commonly include information about the measurements of the course. Golfers may use this information to determine whether they can safely tee off. Therefore, if the yardage listed is incorrect, then a golfer may misjudge a shot, potentially placing nearby players in danger.
  • Golf cart driver negligence. Like all motorists, golf cart drivers must exercise appropriate caution to avoid crashes and rollovers.

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If you or a loved one sustained serious personal injuries on a golf course, then contact our law firm today. Our golf course accident attorneys can fully investigate your accident to determine all liable parties.

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