Severe Injuries from Outdoor Furniture

This time of year you may be shopping for new or additional outdoor furniture for your back yard. Hammocks, picnic tables, lounge chairs and log swings are popular in yards across Florida. However, defective outdoor furniture has resulted in head injuries, neck injuries and cuts to unsuspecting consumers. Some models are not weighted properly and tip easily. Some chairs cannot support a person’s weight and will break, sending the victim tumbling to the ground.

In other cases, the cause of injury is not due to defective outdoor furniture but instead is due to the owner’s failure to maintain it in safe working condition for his or her guests. A poorly maintained piece of outdoor furniture can present exposed screws, nails and sharp edges. A piece of rusty furniture can easily lead to infection on the victim’s abrasion.

You should inspect all outdoor furniture regularly to make sure it is in safe condition. Replace any furniture that could injure someone. Look for any signs of breakage or loose screws. If a piece of furniture broke unexpectedly, contact the manufacturer to see if there are any reports of similar incidents.

Whether because of a defective product or a premises liability claim on another person’s property, our personal injury lawyers can help you. Feel free to contact us and we are happy to assist you.

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