Swimming Pool Safeguards in Florida

Many Florida homeowners have swimming pools and they are a fun recreational activity for family and friends. However, the fun can turn into a nightmare when serious injuries and even swimming pool fatalities result from poor maintenance, faulty design and insufficient safeguards.

Every year, the Consumer Product and Safety Commission (CPSC) reports thousands of swimming pool injuries, including diving board injuries, cuts, and slip and falls. In an effort to stay safe and injury-free around the swimming pool this summer, the CPSC issued the following tips:

  • Use non-slip materials on the deck surrounding your pool and on the diving boards and ladders.
  • Have the electrical systems installed by licensed electricians and in accordance with recognized standards for safety.
  • Fence in your pool area to prevent access to unsupervised children.
  • Place a safety float line where the bottom slope begins to deepen (approximately the five-foot level).
  • Keep all electrical appliances, such as radios, away from the pool because of the potential shock hazard.
  • Learn to swim well.

The majority of swimming pool deaths happen to children age 3 or younger, according to the CPSC. If you or a loved one suffers a swimming pool injury or death at a private or public pool, the pool owner is responsible.

Have you or a family member suffered a swimming pool injury?

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  1. With the summer heat starting to kick in and kids out of school, this is great advice. I think it should be noted that there are products available at sporting good stores that serve as floatation devices for youths. With the majority of swimming pool deaths happening to children age 3 or younger, it is not only important for all parents to constantly monitor their children’s activities at the pool, but also to use all available means for safety. Nobody wants to suffer through the death of a loved one.

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