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Who is Liable for an Airplane Crash?

Our blog recently discussed an airplane crash in Costa Rica that occurred on New Year’s Eve. Ten Americans and two Costa Rican pilots were killed in the crash. We also discussed how Colson Hicks Eidson has extensive experience handling domestic and international aviation accident cases. A lot more can be said about why aviation accidents occur each year. Pilot error, equipment malfunctions and design problems with aircraft are a few examples of why these tragedies occur each year. Airplane accident survivors or their family members may be able to seek compensation from the parties who may be liable for the crash. Common carriers/commercial airliners: Families or survivors can typically seek compensation from crashes involving commercial airliners. Our law firm has filed cases against American Airlines, Kenya Airlines, Austral Airlines, Lion Air, ValuJet, Gol Airlines, AeroPeru and Chalks Ocean Airways. Aircraft owners or operators: Some aviation crashes involve privately owned planes…
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What Are the Penalties for Flying Drunk?

When an air traffic controller notified a Satellite Beach pilot that the pilot’s flight plan to Dayton, Ohio had expired, he wasn’t expecting to hear slurred speech and the screams of a child in response. The pilot refused to follow instructions, and the controller notified the airport police, but the situation had already gotten out of hand. At around 4:30 pm, the plane taxied into a communications tower. When the authorities arrived they found the pilot—a 57-year-old man who smelled of alcohol—three bottles of assorted alcohols, and a 10-year-old boy. Luckily, no one was injured, but now the pilot faces several serious charges. The pilot has been charged with reckless operation of a vessel and child abuse without harm.  More charges could follow as the Federal Aviation Administration continues its investigation. The 10-year-old, the pilot’s son, was released to family friends after a doctor examined him. The pilot’s wife, who…
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