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Could Some Of The BP Water Damage Be Reversed?

It was just over six years ago when disaster struck the Gulf of Mexico. The Deepwater Horizons oil rig erupted into a fireball that killed 11 people and dumped millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf for three months. Tourism was shot, beaches were ruined by tar, and the Gulf’s wildlife continues to suffer. The company that owned the oil rig—BP—was forced to pay $20.8 billion to the states surrounding the Gulf, but will that money help repair the damages caused by the largest oil spill in US history? Could Some Of The BP Water Damage Be Reversed? For now, communities all over the Gulf States have plans to use the BP settlement money to revitalize their tourism industries, and clean their beaches, but there remains very little they can do to help clean the remnants of oil from the water itself. This has left wildlife at risk from…
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Was Landlocked Florida City Affected By The BP Oil Spill?

The Deepwater Horizons oil rig explosion took the lives of 11 oil rig workers and devastated the entire coast of the Gulf of Mexico. However, many don’t realize that the effects of this incident reached inland as well. Florida City is billed as the gateway to the Florida Keys and the Everglades National Park. It has an assortment of hotels, gas stations and restaurants that serve the needs of tourists that travel down U.S. 1 and into the Keys, but when the BP rig blew up, the people stopped coming. The people of Florida City could only watch and record their losses as people tried to avoid the balls of oil washing up on the beaches, but their records would not go unseen. The Mayor of Florida City, Otis T. Wallace, was travelling through Key Largo when he saw a report about a lawsuit where cities were claiming damages against…
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