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What Will Florida Do With The BP Settlement Money?

Oil from the BP disaster has killed pelicans, dolphins, sea turtles, fish and oysters. The spill has caused deformities in killifish, crabs and shrimp. Cleanup workers have developed wheezing and coughing, and balls of tar are still being found all over the Gulf Coast. These are just a few of the problems caused by the deadly explosion at the Deepwater Horizons rig, and some are questioning if the $18.7 million settlement will really help fix these problems. What Will The Settlement Money Be Used For? Parts of Florida’s share of the gigantic BP settlement are already allocated. Restoration projects to start a ferry service, create a boardwalk, build a boat ramp and erect solar-powered lights on a fishing pier have been approved. They hope to restore tourist access and traffic, but very little has been said about other projects. “We have serious concerns about how much of this money is…
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