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Rescue Canines Trained For Building Collapses

Buildings collapse for many reasons: earthquakes, severe storms, construction accidents. However, the members of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department’s Florida Task Force One are constantly vigilant. Their job is to increase the chances of survival for victims of structural collapses by finding those victims as quickly as possible. To fulfill this duty, the taskforce has many tools, like the ultra-sensitive Delsar listening devices and specialized SearchCam equipment, but one of their greatest tools has to be their rescue canine companions. The taskforce recently set up a training demonstration where they got to practice their skills and the skills of their furry friends. The pooches went around sniffing for signs of life, and once found, the dogs signaled their handlers who immediately went to work setting up their equipment. Task Force One has seen action from a college parking garage collapse to an earthquake ravaged Haiti in 2010. They have 200 team…
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