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What Options Do Victims Have If a Car Crashes into a Building?

What are people supposed to do when a car crashes into a building while they are there? Recently, several customers at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Miami were faced with that question after a car crashed into the donut shop. Per WTVJ-TV, the wreck happened on Flagler Street around 11 am on a Monday. Reportedly, six people inside the Dunkin’ Donuts were injured in the accident, which ended with the vehicle completely inside the building. All six of the people injured were customers. The driver, an older woman, was not hurt in the wreck. Witnesses reported that it appeared she hit the gas instead of the brake by mistake. However, as of this writing, authorities were still investigating the incident and it had not yet been determined if the driver would face charges for the crash. Should Car Crash Victims Speak to a Lawyer Regardless of Whether the Driver at Fault…
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