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Could City Corruption Be Exposed by Your Water Bill?

It took two years to happen, but it shouldn’t have happened at all. A Florida city, strapped for cash, almost completely cleared out an account earmarked to pay local citizens. How did this happen, and why are we only just now finding out about it? Could Your Water Bill Expose City Corruption? Opa-locka may seem like any other Florida city, but hidden behind the normalcy were secrets and lies. You see, the city was in massive, multi-million-dollar debt, and because several state programs required the city to have a balanced budget, officials were facing the possibility that several city projects could get shutdown. That’s when city officials got desperate, and what they did next might be one of the most brazen breaches of the public trust ever seen in Florida. The Opa-locka city finance director was ordered to take money from the security deposits of Opa-locka water customers. However, Florida…
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