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Twenty DePuy Lawsuits Filed Every Day

A recent blog post told you how the DePuy hip replacement device made it to the market. Since then, over 26,000 patients have filed lawsuits alleging serious injuries and complications from the device. According to aboutlawsuits.com, there are approximately 20 new DePuy cases filed every day. The lawsuits continue to pile-up even though the device has not been on the market since August 2010. The allegations stem from claims that the DePuy device broke down inside patients’ bodies and caused metal poisoning. Furthermore, plaintiffs claim that the manufacturer knew of the risks but failed to warn patients of them. Last August, Johnson & Johnson and DePuy Orthopaedics revealed data showing that up to 13 percent of the devices could fail in the first five years. Recent research suggests that the early failure rate could be even higher. The failure rates mean that patients require additional surgeries to remove the implant….
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Why is the FDA Approving Harmful Medical Devices?

The controversial DePuy hip replacement device made it to the market without undergoing the strict protocol of testing reserved for medical devices. How did this happen? It made it to the market by the federal Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) 510(k) program, which uses similar devices already on the market as a benchmark for the effectiveness of a new device. In the case of the DePuy hip implant, components broke down inside patients’ bodies, requiring pain and additional surgeries. The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) wants the FDA to get rid of the 510(k) program for certain medical devices. The NEJM said that newer devices are more complex and that regulators cannot assume their safety and effectiveness. The NEJM article used the DePuy implant to demonstrate what happens when devices go through the 510(k) program without clinical trials. The FDA policy behind the 510(k) program is to promote…
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Another Hip Implant System Stirs Up Lawsuits

In addition to the DePuy hip replacement system, another hip implant is making headlines for the wrong reasons. Alleged defective Wright Profemur hip replacement systems have led to a product liability lawsuit in federal court. The Michigan plaintiff claims the hip implant failed less than three years after doctors installed it, according to aboutlawsuits.com. The plaintiff had the hip implanted in January 2008. In November 2010, part of the implant broke and he needed another surgery to replace the implant system. His lawsuit accuses the manufacturers of defective design, negligence, fraud and breach of warranty, among other claims. It appears other patients have experienced similar problems with the device, as lawsuits against the manufacturer are springing up across the country. All allege a portion of the implant broke causing severe pain and requiring additional surgery. The Wright Profemur hip implant got on the market through the Food and Drug Administration’s…
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More Plaintiffs File Suit in Connection with the DePuy Hip Replacement

Wisconsin is now the newest state where plaintiffs have filed a suit stemming from injuries from the DePuy hip replacement system. Nearly 80 plaintiffs are alleging various injuries and health problems from the defective product, which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled last year. Plaintiffs filed this latest product liability lawsuit in the Northern District of Ohio against DePuy’s parent company, Johnson and Johnson. This is one of many lawsuits filed in the past few years alleging that the metal in the implant leads to metallosis, caused when the implant’s metal parts rub against each other and release metal into the patient’s bloodstream. According to drugalert.org, metallosis can lead to tissue damage, bone loss, necrosis, fibrosis, genetic damage and inflammatory reactions. Last year, the FDA recalled the device after the maker admitted that more than 10 percent of the implants fail in the first five years. The long-term failure…
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