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How Do You Identify Drug Injuries?

People harmed by defective drugs often have signature injuries caused by a specific medication. These are specific types of injuries that are only caused by the drugs. A lawyer can use this information to identify drug injuries and demonstrate that defective medication is to blame. In this video, attorney Patrick Montoya describes how lawsuits can help protect consumers from the harmful effects of off-label prescribing and defective drugs. Video Transcription Often times pharmaceutical injury cases have what’s called a “signature injury,” there’s a particular injury that is associated with the drug. For example, the Vioxx cases, Vioxx was a painkiller. But what they found with Vioxx was it caused heart attacks and strokes, and certain types of strokes, and certain types of heart attacks. So once the problem became studied, you started realizing the certain signature injuries that went along with that, and different products have different signature injuries. Another…
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